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Presidential Chocolate Bar Polls






Election time has arrived and that means choosing a candidate for the President of the United States! That’s why Hartville Chocolate Factory is teaming up with you to participate in our Presidential Chocolate Bar Poll™. Hartville Chocolate Factory created a chocolate bar for each candidate. The chocolate logo bars are embossed with the candidates’ sculpted images in chocolate. Each purchase of a chocolate bar will show support for your candidate.

The number of sales of these Presidential Chocolate Bar Polls™ will be tallied and certified by our accounting firm. The poll results of the number of bars ordered will be posted and available to pollsters, publishers, political campaigns, pundits, and the public with a daily update at www.chocolatepoll.com. Be sure to stop in daily!
A portion of all sales will be donated to America’s wounded veterans.


List Prices:

Case of 10 Chocolate Bars: $25.00
Case of 50 Chocolate Bars: $117.00

Case of 100 chocolate bars: $225.00

Please call for special quote on orders of 1,000 bars or more.
Please call for quote on packaging and freight.

To Order, please visit our website at:

Hartville Chocolate Factory

Phone: 1-888-853-5904
Fax: 330-877-1100

Email:  store@hartvillechocolatefactory.com



All Presidential Chocolate Poll Bars™ will be discounted to the following groups:

• Special Event Planners
• Democratic National Committee and their Presidential Convention
• Republican National Committee and their Presidential Convention
• News Media
• Public, Private, Charter, and Home Schools, Colleges, and Universities
• All Military and Government Offices
• Chamber of Commerce
• Craft Unions
• All Public Service Groups
• Members of State and Federal Congress and Senate
• Retailers, Wholesalers, Distributors